Westermann Logistik: your reliable partner, offering everything from consultancy to value-added services

The Westermann Logistik GmbH is part of a strong network: we are part of the Westermann Gruppe in Braunschweig, one of the largest educational media providers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. As a service provider for a large educational publishing group, we are used to reliably managing even the most extreme distribution periods, such as the beginning of the school year. That is why our customers value us as an economically sound and reliable partner.

Around 190 dedicated, creative and long-standing employees with outstanding knowledge of the sector and related products are there to support you and to make sure that you are satisfied with the services provided. They are all highly committed to delivering you the best possible service. As the fulfilment centre of the Westermann Gruppe, Westermann Logistik GmbH is always at hand to provide you with customised logistics services, no matter whether you need consultancy, logistics solutions or complex value-added services, and whether you are a regional company or operate across Europe.

We offer extensive services to our 60 publishing and e-commerce partners. We operate beyond our core business of warehousing and distribution: we also maintain master data and record, import and invoice customer orders. Using the most up-to-date logistics technology and networked IT systems, we guarantee services for industry clients, retailers, educational institutions and end users both in Germany and abroad.

We specialise in books and magazines, a wide range of paper, office accessories and stationery, non-book products, forms, data storage devices, CDs and DVDs, and loose-leaf binders. Alongside our logistics services, we also offer a returns management service and a letter shop, used for sending promotional materials.

Of course, we keep in contact with our customers after the distribution is complete as part of our after sales and customer accounting services.

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