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Logistics is our core business. You can trust us with your goods: our optimised processes and services allow everything to run smoothly.

  • As part of our receipt-of-goods services, we receive your products during the delivery process. We perform quantity and quality checks and send your goods to storage or for immediate dispatch.
  • Our EURO-pallet warehouses accommodate your goods. In the order picking plant, we can always get to your items quickly, meaning that we can send them to your customers promptly.
  • To ensure your products get to your customers quickly, we invoice your orders, determine the best packaging, pick the goods with modern pick by voice technology and hand your shipments over to your preferred transport service provider (package delivery service, book delivery service or shipping company).
  • We pack your goods in our standard packaging, guaranteeing safety during transport and cost-effective shipping.
  • If you require special packaging, we can produce special boxes for you so that your product gets to your customer safely.
  • We hand your goods over to the relevant transport provider (Post, DPD, Hera, KNV Zeitfracht, Libri or shipping companies) on a daily basis.
  • We sort all the necessary formalities involved in importing and exporting your goods.

Optimal warehousing allows an efficient flow of materials. Our 25,000 m² space houses around 45,000 items, including books, calendars, magazines and non-book products. We have a fully automated tote warehouse and a manual high-bay warehouse that have a warehousing capacity of 36,000 pallet spaces. Our modern warehouse management system finds the right place in the warehouse for all items, whether that’s erasers, books or loose-leaf binders.

Many customers find that the key to success is distinguishing themselves from their competitors. The packaging assembly service, or alternatively the product finishing service, is a popular premium offering in logistics and order fulfilment. As part of this service, we package goods together according to the client's wishes, or we process them beforehand. The packaging assembly service is often implemented when creating sets, when individually labelling shipments or certain products, or when mounting sales displays.

If requested, we assemble your goods individually based on your orders or bundle them using order-batch picking. When doing this, we also pick individual items for other orders, i.e. multi-batch. We either pick manually using picking lists for our manual high shelves or electronically using our connected, automated tote warehouse with pick by voice technology. Pick-by-voice is a paperless picking method. The picker and the picking system communicate using language. Rather than printing off picking lists or using remote data terminals, the picker has a headset connected to a standard pocket PC. This means that customer orders can be picked in a variety of ways. Runtime checks allow the status of individual shipments to be monitored at all times.

Our highly modern, energy efficient, fully automated packaging line for the shipment of parcels ensures a high level of dependability and the economical use of materials. This means that we determine the optimal size of cardboard packaging for the ordered shipment at our box erector from the time of the order’s issue. Once the order has been commissioned, each package is transported along our conveyer belt system to our box sealer.

For loading security purposes, we opt exclusively for FSC-certified protective paper instead of plastic film. This sparing approach to resources allows for a more eco-friendly process of production. A volume reducer minimizes the package to the optimal height for closure before being securely sealed with a lid. The package can be opened quickly on arrival through the use of its tearing thread.


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